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Email Us for Updates

February 29, 2020

Things get busy,  sorry I miss updates.  Email me to see what we have.  


So far we have 2 bucks and 1 doe born this year that will be for sale.  2 more does are pregnant.  We have 1 buck and 1 Doe from last year for sale as well.  5/2020

French Angoras For Sale

We are very busy caring for the farm, animal chores, people chores, and fiber processing and can't keep up with new litter post.   You can email us,  message us on FB, or call (leave a message), text.

Thanks for looking.  

French Angoras

October 08, 2017

We have pure breed French Angoras for sale as well as fiber.  If you are interested in a rabbit please contact us so we can help pair you with the right rabbit. Some people are looking for pets, others want just fiber, and some are looking for breeders.  We can help.  

Breeding Soon

July 01, 2019

We hope to have French Angoras and our Jersey Wooly soon.  If you would like to place one on hold let us know.   Fill out the contact us button so we can get back in touch with you.  

Angora Goats

October 08, 2017

These kids are from registered and champion blood lines of Peavine Hollow Farm.  Deeann fell in love with this incredible fiber and when Peavine Hollow retired Trinity Farm started a herd so she could continue her angora love.   Contact us to get your name on the list for kids. 

We hope to have kids for sale in 2019

Drum Carded Batts

October 08, 2017

If you are looking for super soft fiber, you found it.  We offer Kid Mohair, Angora Rabbit and Alpaca blending with colors you pick.   We can make as many 4 oz batts as you like.  The price is based on the amount of fiber and which fiber you choose.  For example, if you choose a soft feeling combo of Mohair and Angora you are looking at about $30.  But we can blend in less expensive fiber if your not interested in the softness.


Mohair is $4.50 an oz

Angora is $10 an oz

Alpaca is from $3-4.5 and oz

We also have other fiber to blend, but these are our favorite.  

To purchase go to our Etsy store for easy check out.  Or contact us for a custom order.


October 08, 2017

Anogora fiber can be harder to spin.  Deeann found that the Spinolution is the best to spin angora and Mohair.  It is super quit and the fiber almost spins itself.  

Order on Esty  or  Contact us for more info.  


Check out all the options at

Mohair Fiber

January 01, 2020

We have Kid Mohair and super fine Adult Mohair that is almost kid quality.  What color are you looking for?  If we don't have it, we will make it for you.  

Price is $4.50 an Oz - this is hand picked, scoured, dyed or not, drum carded or roving.  

Order in the Etsy store or contact us for customer orders.

Angora Fiber

October 08, 2017

If you are looking for get some super soft, super warm, and beautiful angora here is your chance.  We have white, grey and red natural colors.  We can blend any of these colors with other fiber.  

Usually the staple length is 4-5 inches long.  Let us know what you are looking for.  Our rabbits are feed high quality feed and grow extremely long fiber.  Some people have been known to get the longer fiber and cut it in half.  We currently have 14 rabbits making beautiful fiber.  Let us know what your needs are.  

The average cost is $10 an oz - on occasionally the cost will vary if the fiber is not as long or if it is over 5" long. 

Contact us or go to our Etsy store

Custom Yarn

October 08, 2017

Deeann loves to spin,  but doesn't have a lot of time to figure out what people might want.  Plus why have yarn sitting around that people don't want?  

So if you see a batt or have a color or fiber combination in mind.  Deeann will get it done for you.  

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