Doll Hair or Craft Projects

$1 and up

We are putting bags together with washed and unwashed Mohair for dolls and other craft projects.  Better pictures will come soon.  We are quickly preparing for Delmarva Ocean City Fiber Festival.  We got in as a late entry.  Whoop Whoop!!! Send me a note if you are looking for something special.  

Felting Fiber

$1 and up

We are in the process of getting ready for Delmarva Ocean City Festival.  We are putting together bags of left over fiber that is perfect for felting.  Send us a message if you would like something particular.  Updating with better pictures soon.

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Hand Picked undyed Kid Mohair

$4.00 and ounce

We have about 3 pounds of undyed kid mohair.  It has been hand washed, hand picked and is ready to card, dye, blend, and spin.

All the Rage Avocado


At the writing of this post we have 6 batts,  approximately 4 oz each.  It is 100% Mohair.  With the main color being Avocado, then a reddish brown, and a splash of orange.  If you would like more control of where the color goes when spun you can purchase these colors separate in mill processed roving form.  All pre mill processing is done here at the farm.  We hand wash, hand pick, drum card and dye here.  Roving is $4.50 oz,  when made into a batt it is $10 more.  That simple.  

If you want to preorder it and pick it up at a fiber festival we are attending message me. 

One of a Kind Batts

Average around $30, priced by size and material

These batts are created with colors that work together or inspired by nature.  Most are 4 OZ made with Mohair, Angora, and Alpaca.  Some will be made with other fine wool in the future.

This batt is currently being made into a Carolina Panthers scarf :)  So you wont see it on Etsy.  But I can make one like this for you:)  

If you want to preorder it and pick it up at a fiber festival we are attending message me. 

100% Kid Mohair Roving, from Peavine Hollow

$4.50 an Oz

Peavine Hollow has retired and allowed up to purchase the a large quantity of fiber.  Deeann is dying mohair as you read this, but there is a small difference at the moment.  The mill requires a large amount of fiber to be processed at an affordable price to you.  Deeann is processing the fiber with an electric drum carder.  Which she prefers to spin from anyway.  There is no need to pull roving apart and pre draft it.  If you have done business with Peavine Hollow in the past and you would like a particular color let us know.

Raw Kid Mohair

$24 per pound

If you like to wash, pick and process your own fiber, we do have something for you!!  If you are local to the farm and would like to come help and purchase fiber at a discount contact us below.

Angora Fiber

$10.00 and OZ

100% Angora fiber.  White, Cream, Grey -  or custom dyed.  

These bunnies are fiber machines.  I almost always have to cut them down around 4-5",  I just don't have time to groom all of them 2 times a week when they get past 6".  

I found that drum carding the cut fiber works just as well as having the fiber plucked.  

This is prime fiber -  no belly, legs or lower sides.  If it is not something I would spin then it wont be listed here.  

Spindle and yarn is not included.

Spinolution Wheels


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