Baby, Baby, Baby

We are very busy caring for the farm, animal chores, people chores, and fiber processing and can't keep up with new litter post.   You can email us,  message us on FB, or call (leave a message), text.   Hope to have available babies in Sept 2020

Thanks for looking.  

Check with us to see what we have.

I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy and her sister Ethyl joined us this year.  They are from Charm City and just gorgeous.  We are so pleased that the 2 joined us. 


She is I Love Lucy's sister and will soon be a mommy!!  

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Bo Derick

She is named Bo Derick because her ear tag is TF10.  And she is geourgous!!  Over 10# and is just lovely.  Her brother is JR and they are a lot alike.  

French Angora Doe

Mr Leroy (CKJohnny)

Mr Leroy is from Dolly Rock Farms.  He came to us out of search for French Angoras when it was decided to get French over the other breeds.  Not really knowing where to find them.  It was just a basic google search.  He is a very sweet boy and is guard hairs are amazing.  He hardly matts and makes very strong yarn that is very easy to work with.  

French Anorga Buck

Sampson the Red French

Sampson came to us from Thistledown Farm in VA.  He super calm and super soft.  He is one of our boys that will soon be breed to several of our does.  

the Red French


Jr is the son of Mr and Mrs Leroy.  Born here at the farm on July 2cd, 2016.  He is a goof, and loves attention.  He is big and full of a great blend of guard hairs and soft fiber.  

REW French

Sweet Ray

She is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Leroy.  She is very sweet and gives nose bumps.  She is on the smaller size but makes up for it in her personality.  You will see her fiber mixed into the beautiful Mohair and Alpaca I purchased at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

REW French

Mr Peter Rabbit

This boy is a fiber machine.  He is a French/Giant and we gives us lovely fiber.  

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He has found his forever home. 


Ricky is the son of Mr. Red and Mrs. Leroy.  He is turning out to be a handsome boy and we hope to show him soon. 

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R.I.P. Sweet girl!! 


She is one of our fiber bunnies and travel bunnies that Deeann uses to spin from.  

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He is another one of beloved fiber rabbits.  

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She has found her forever home!! She has been adopted to a wonderful and service as a loving pet now. 

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs Leroy.  She always gave kisses when she was younger.  She and Sweet Ray where cage makes so maybe that is why they are so sweet.  Her coat doesn't lighted up as much as the other black french.  She has wonderful guard hairs and I'm looking forward to spinning her wool with Alpaca and Mohair soon.  Check out or sales page to see if I have posted and rovings.


Black French

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