Shopping List for My New Bunny

You will need to brush them with a dog slicker brush when they start to shed.  It shouldn’t cost very much.  Some people like to use their hair to make felted things.  It could be fun, you can google the how tos.  Or ask me if you are really interested.  

You need to blow the coat once a week.  You can get a dog dryer at Tractor supply.  Do not use a hair dyer you can burn them.  I started with one of these.  I switched to one that has a output air control.  The little bunnies don't like the high forced air.  


Rabbit cages - .

Plus get the frame for it.  

KW cages - 

Pointer Hill Pet Products -

Martin Cages


Bowls -  I don’t use water bottles.  I used ones that clip on, or some from Petsmart.  


I like this hay holder the best.  -