Holy Angoras!!

Here is how they came to be at Trinity Farm. In March 2016 our youngest daughter fell in love with our neighbors baby bunnies.

While chatting with our neighbor I found out that this is not just another cute face. This was a someone's next scarf!! Wait people make yarn out of angora fiber? Well yes, I have heard of an Angora sweater. I could never afford one. But wait, I can? I can make the yarn and have it made into a sweater, scarf, hat? Now that sounded fun!! Well a year later, it is totally fun!! I love taking care of the rabbits, collecting their fiber, and making yarn. I even love selling them to other crafters!!! Who knew, and why was this hidden from me all my life. I though spinning wells where just a lost craft. I was so wrong. There is a whole world out there.

Follow me as I journey through the wonderful world of Fiber Arts.

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