Yikes, the bunnies want Spring back

May 18, 2017

Wow,  I feel like I was just turning on heat lamps last week.  Oh wait, I was!!!  This is the craziest wether.  So it went from freezing last weekend to 90+ just 4 days later.  I was hoping to get another inch of growth on a Peta and Gale.  But it was just too hot for them.  They have really thick coats.  In the last 24 hours I have clipped 5 bunnies, blow dried (to keep from felting) 8 more, clipped belly hair of 10.  Hum I wonder why my back hurts.  


So last year I lost the coats of all my angoras due to the insane heat.  This year, I at least was able to save about 4 OZ,  it would have been more if the temperature wasn't so crazy.  The when it gets hot they fuzz on their legs a lot more,  I lost a lot of fiber due to frizz. 


It's was nice to see how much better they felt after having their bellies shaved, and around their necks.  A few of them had not seen clippers before and they where not too sure about it.  But in the end it was all good.  


I am in the process of prepping the fiber and getting it up in the store.   Hard to think about staying warm and spinning yarn for scarves when it is 90+ degrees though.